Delicate is the style of Long Cliff's newest wine.

Delicate is the style of Long Cliff’s newest wine.

Long Cliff Winery works with mostly estate grown grapes and this pinot noir is no exception – with the winery’s farm providing all the fruit in this wine. Owner and grower Don Demaison is no stranger to the heartbreak grape after having worked with the largest planting of pinot noir east of the Rockies just down the road from his farm.

Long Cliff’s soils are on the heavy side, with clay and rock derived from the Niagara escarpment. It’s in these types of soils where pinot noir tends to gain more structure and intensity. Pinot noir has the tendency to be light and simple in some conditions so any location that amplifies its flavors and backbone is one in which is sought after.

Long Cliff’s 2011 Pinot Noir is vibrant with chocolaty notes along with sweet red fruits, chalky tones and delicate aromas of pin cherry wood. A relatively cool 2011 season has made this overall light in color and alcohol but there are soft tannins and enough acidity to provide some grip and length. It’s certainly a delicious addition to the ever growing lineup of Niagara pinot noir – and for $23 – its not out of reach of any pinot noir lover.