Leonard Oakes just released a delicious unoaked chardonnay.

Winemaker Jonathan Oakes has made one of the most appealing unoaked chardonnays in the region with this 2010 vintage Chardonnay. Made from estate grapes grown on their farm in Lyndonville, NY this wine exhibits all the fruit forward characteristics you’d expect from a well-made cool climate chardonnay.

Delicate citrus aromas mingle with green apple and melon to produce an intense aromatic white wine that’s light on its feet and easy drinking. Although technically dry, this wine is silky and smooth with a crisp acidity keeps it bright, refreshing and full of energy.

This chardonnay can persuade the most anti-chard crusader to reconsider thanks to its stainless steel aging and butter-free approach. For $17 there’s no doubt this sell fast, especially as the temperatures warm up this summer.