This small stand offers some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We have our first roadside strawberry sighting in wine country! Just yesterday these delicious strawberries were seen at M & L Klinger Farm in Burt, NY – just down the road from Schulze Vineyards & Winery – at the corner of Wilson Burt and Coomer roads. The farmstand itself opens for business when the first strawberries come in and closes at the end of the growing season with mums and pumpkins.

Most locals know Burt as one of the best fishing locations in Niagara County– thanks to the Burt Dam and the harbor town of Olcott just to its north. Devourers of local fruits may know Burt for its many orchards and farms, which produce everything from apples and pears to peaches, plums and apricots. Wine drinkers should recognize Burt as the home of the aforementioned Schulze Vineyards & Winery, which is a destination of its own throughout the whole year.

Should you find yourself at that winery or a few of the others in the area like Black Willow or Chateau Niagara, be sure to take advantage of the season with a $4 quart of freshly picked strawberries. The stand is “on your honor” with a tube where you can leave your money and have your pick of the best containers.

NWCUSA Fantasy Fruit Pairing: Purchase a bottle of cold Schulze Vineyards Brut Sparkling Wine and some fresh local strawberries. Pour a glass either at home or outside on the winery’s patio and add a couple slices of strawberry and enjoy!