Foodies who pride themselves on eating local have found Carmelo’s Restaurant in Lewiston, NY as a destination for some of the best “farm to table” cuisine in the region. Never before has that term been more literal than with the restaurant’s “Butcher’s Supper.”

Chef Carmelo Raimondi and sous chef Bruce Wieszala have created a three-course feast featuring a suckling pig from T Meadow Farm in Lockport, NY as the main attraction.

“We’re breaking new ground here,” says Raimondi.

And he’s doing it with style. When I was lucky enough to share in the first of such dinners, our main course was met with cheers and applause by the other diners as the chefs carried the whole roasted pig through the restaurant. By the time they set it down the rest of the staff were gathered around with other patrons taking pictures and admiring the sight.

Raimondi has helped establish T Meadow Farm as the go-to for locally raised meats and while you may see […]